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Succession Planning
Fulcrum Edge works with business owners, agencies and institutions to determine succession planning needs. Whether it is short term planning for a traumatic event, a long term succession plan, a future exit strategy, or a deep analysis on business and personal holdings Fulcrum Edge's experts can plot your future with you.
Succession Planning by Fulcrum Edge
Plan for Now and Plan for the Future
Fulcrum Edge's TraumaPlan™ is a menu of step-by-step actions for what should happen after a traumatic event within the first 24 hours,
1 week, 30 days and so on, so those facing trauma can deal with personal matters and know the business continues to run smoothly.

Fulcrum Edge's FuturePlan™ forms the basis of your organization's long term succession strategy based on current ownership or management structure and then focuses on your longer term personal and business goals.

Fulcrum Edge's Business Succession and Estate Planning Analysis is an in-depth review of your business and personal holdings, pulling everything together into an integrated visual picture with recommendations to optimize your situation.