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Operational Enhancement
Fulcrum Edge understands operations. We have run factories, overseen customer service operations, set up sales channels, and managed engineering and field service. You need this experience when you want to optimize your company. Let our hardware, software, process flow, and management experts improve your top and bottom line.
Fulcrum Edge optimizes your company
We Use Only the Nuggets
Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, Lean, Kaizen...great concepts, but they cost a lot of money and take time to implement. Fulcrum Edge team members recognize that most companies demand results as quickly as possible on a tight budget. Our team uses the best elements from each concept–we call them nuggets–to provide you with the greatest impact for the least cost in the shortest time.
  • Throughput Optimization
  • Process & Value Stream Mapping
  • Visual Management
  • Project Management
  • 5S-ing
  • Lean